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BAND SLASH Featuring MYLES KENNEDY AND THE COSPIRATORS ALBUM LIVING THE DREAM LABEL ROADRUNNER OUT Sept 21st, 2018 OUR RATING 88/100 Between primary jobs with GUNS N'ROSES and ALTER BRIDGE, finally there was time for the great ptoject that invove SLASH and MYLES KENNEDY. We have a blast listening to this album as you can see from our rating! An album that deserves top respect since first song (THE CALL OF THE WILD); SERVE YOUR RIGHT has a seventies attitude but with a modern production, favouring vocals of MYLES and gorgeous solo of SLASH. Suddendly explodes MY ANTIDOTE, maybe more catchy but surely enjoyable; it reminds us the style of the underrated AIN'T LIFE GRAND, second album of SLASH'S SNAKEPIT. MIND YOUR MANNERS starts with its on fire hard'n'roll, so close to TED NUGENT. In the fancy LOST INSIDE THE GIRL rhythms slow down while READ BETWEEN THE LINES, lightly sinister, remind us somethin' from last THE WINERY DOGS.

SLOW GRIND is another gem enhanced by a gorgeous solo while THE ONE YOU LOVED IS GONE is more melodic and this environment makes MYLES KENNEDY feel comfortable. In DRIVING RAIN we return to an american hard'n'roll while SUGAR CANE shall be confirmed as song so powerful and full of rhythm.

THE GREAT PRETENDER starts melodic with bluesy soul, in GARY MOORE's mood, while BOULEVARD OF BROKEN HEARTS end in the best way this great platter.



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