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BAND EMERALD ALBUM REQUIEM LABEL AZURA RECORDS OUT October, 24th - 2018 OUR RATING 84/100 Emerald is a studio-based hard'n'heavy project leaded by Jeff Melin and Duane Hollis. Founded in Tucson, Arizona in 1984, the band is back in 2014 after a long hiatus with a new record and a revitalized career. The new lineup consists of Melin on guitar and vocals, Hollis on bass and vocals, and Will Jones on drums. REQUIEM is the group’s fourth album since 2014 and its music was well-received. We're quiet impressed by variety of solutions that this album provides since first song called ENDLESS WAR. Here we can find an hard'n'heavy song so classic and right now handsome, enhanced by solo parts, amazing fot the whole duration of the platter. AGAINST THE WALL starts with a gorgeous solo, before developing itself in somethin' wider, while EYE TO EYE begins with a mellow piano that opens an 80' hard rock riff. INESCAPABLE is a classic doom in Sabbath's mood, enriched by sinister vocals, while TIR DE MASSE is an instrumental interlude with guitar as starring. OUT OF THE LIGHT is a more classic HM song, epic at times. PROMISED LAND sees rhythms slowin' down and ends with a long stunning solo. WITHOUT A STONE is another classic HM gem, powerful and dark. EMERALD: REQUIEM is another JEWEL all to discover!

TRACKLIST 1. Endless War 2. Against the Wall 3. Eye to Eye 4. Inescapable 5. Tir de Masse 6. Out of the Light 7. Promised Land 8. Without a Stone

P.A.: Vlad Nowajczyk

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