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BAND REECE ALBUM Resilient Heart

LABEL Mighty Music OUT November 9th, 2018 OUR RATING 86/100 David Reece, well known on our pages, in the past singer of ACCEPT, BONFIRE and SANTED SINNERS, is ready with his new solo album entitled RESILIENT HEART, available through Mighty Music from November 9th.

"Resilient Heart" is the follow up of "Compromise" , his latest solo album released in 2013.

Michael H. Andersen teamed him up with Marco Angioni and Martin Jepsen Andersen, both from the band Meridian; this album album was recorded at Death Island Studio in Denmark.

"Resilient Heart" is a great album for all fans of classic hard rock but not only!

It's a wide album containing some contemporary moments, all enhanced by a modern and powerful production!

The first single of the album "Anytime At All" , well known thanks to a great live video recorded at first edition of LUPPOLO IN ROCK Festival (Cremona-North Italy) is a wonderful heavy rock song with a touch of Whitesnake's inspiration.

WICKED CITY BLUES, the second song, starts with a great bass'n'drum job, before developing itself in a classic hard rock enriched by bluesy voice of David Reece and by a great solo.

KARMA is a shorter song, just over three mins' duration, with an edgy riff that reminds us somethin'from WHITESNAKE of the modern day.

DESIRE is not less strong, surely heavier and more contemporary without losing the good taste for melody.

I DON'T KNOW WHY sees rhythms slowing down, going towards a more rock/blues atmosphere before opening to a song where classic hard rock moments are alternated with more thoughtful moments.

TWO COINS is another various song, able to be modern/melodic at the same time.

If with AIN'T GOT THE BALLS we return to classic hard rock in Whitesnake's mood, with the voice of DR free to express itself.

FOREST THROUGH THE TREES starts with keyboards and vocals, but the real starring of the song is the singer.

If PERFECT APOCALYPSE have a modern touch, at times progressive, the great LIVE BEFORE YOU DIE and I'M THE ONE end in the best way this great return!


1. Any Time At All 2. Wicked City Blues 3. Karma 4. Desire 5. I Don't Know Why 6. Two Coins 7. Ain't Got The Balls 8. Forest Through The Trees 9. Perfect Apocalypse 10. Live Before You Die 11. I'm The One Vinyl tracklist:

Side A

1. Karma 2. Any Time At All 3. I Don't Know Why 4. I'm The One 5. Forest Through The Trees

Side B

6. Perfect Apocalypse 7. Heart Of Stone 8. What About Yesterday 9. Two Coins 10. Live Before You Die


David Reece VC Marco Angioni GT Martin J. Andersen GT Malte Frederik Burkert BG Sigurd J. Jensen DR



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