UFO - "SHARKS" times

SHARKS is the sixteenth album by UFO. It is the last album featuring Michael Schenker as guitarist. TRACKLIST 1."Outlaw Man"Mogg, Way 4:03 

2."Quicksilver Rider"Schenker, Mogg 4:09 

3."Serenity"Schenker, Mogg 6:24 

4."Deadman Walking"Schenker, Mogg 4:33 

5."Shadow Dancer"Schenker, Mogg, Fontano 4:48 

6."Someone's Gonna Have to Pay" Mogg, Way 5:31 

7."Sea of Faith"Schenker, Mogg, Fontano 5:51 

8."Fighting Man"Mogg, Way 4:32 

9."Perfect View"Schenker, Mogg, Fontano 4:08 

10."Crossing Over"Schenker, Mogg 4:49 

11."Hawaii"Schenker 0:43

Bonus Japan

"Only You Can Rock Me" (Live)

2. "Too Hot to Handle" (Live)

3. "Rock Bottom" (Live) 

LINE UP Phil Mogg - vocals

Michael Schenker - guitar[3]

Pete Way - bass guitar 

Aynsley Dunbar - drums 

Additional musicians

Mike Varney GT fills & outro GT solo on "Fighting Man"

Kevin Carlson KB

Jesse Bradman BV 

Luis Maldonado BV


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