OUT 2018 - Oct 26th


Available on CD via Heaven and Hell Records and as vinyl via Texas Metal Underground Records, each of nine tracks of this album features a unique line-up of players from the deep well of Texas metal talent. 

Obviosly various, with some classic metal song, some speed tracks, an album all to enjoy!

Among others, this album includes:

The appearance of every member of WITCHES MARK on "Malt Liquor Maniac."

Bonus track "Black and Green" features every member of Agony Column, plus guitarist Robert Williams (IGNITOR/WITCHES MARK) and is the first thing AGONY COLUMN has recorded since 1995's Way Back In The Woods album.

The Burt Bacharach/Carole Bayer Sager-penned cover of "That's What Friends are For" features a complete previous lineup of IGNITOR plus Logan Orlando Perez (AGAINST THE PLAGUES, VEX, WHORE OF BABYLON).

The cover song "Running From The Law" from RIOT's Born In America album was recorded as a tribute to Mark Reale and Rhett Forrester and even features Donnie Van Stavern (RIOT) on bass.

The complete list of players on Texas Metal Outlaws is as follows: Jason McMaster (Watchtower, Dangerous Toys, Broken Teeth, IGNITOR, Evil United) Stuart Laurence (Agony Column, IGNITOR) Donnie Van Stavern (S.A. Slayer, RIOT, Pitbull Daycare) Felix Griffin (D.R.I. , Bat) Robb Bockman (Witches Mark, UADA) Scott Palmer (Witches Mark, Byfist, Demontuary) Carlos Zema (Immortal Guardian, Vougan, Heaven's Guardian, Outworld, David Shankle Group) Billy Dansfiell (Agony Column, IGNITOR, E.K.U., Zero Percent) Ross The Boss Friedman (Manowar, Death Dealer, Ross The Boss band, The Dictators) Cody Gilliland (Immortal Guardian) Richie Turner (Agony Column) Chris Alaniz (Agony Column, Cheetah Chrome) Mike Soliz (Militia, Assalant, Oblivion Knight) Mark Zammaron (Odometer, Las Cruces, Wicked Angel, Passage Temple) Pat Doyle (IGNITOR, The Offenders) Michael Paul Toupin (Raging Saint, Force of Rage) Al Berlanga (Syrus) Stan Martinez (Target 7, Social Slut) James Rivera (Helstar, Distant Thunder, Destiny's End, Seven Witches, Malice, Flotsam and Jetsam, Agent Steel) Larry Barragan (Helstar, Eternity Black, Santa Oscuridad) Stony Grantham (Shadowkeep, Byfist) Brendon Bigelow (IGNITOR, Death of Millions) Logan Orlando Perez (Against The Plagues, Vex, Whore of Babylon) Robert Williams (IGNITOR, Witches Mark)

TRACKLIST "Texas Metal Outlaws" Jason McMaster - Vocals Robert Williams - Guitar Stuart Laurence - Guitar Donnie Van Stavern - Bass Felix Griffin - Drums "Malt Liquor Maniac" Robert Williams - Guitar, Bass, Vocals Robb Bockman - Guitar Scott Palmer - Drums "Rebel Years" Carlos Zema - Vocals Robert Williams - Guitar Stuart Laurence - Guitar Ross The Boss Friedman - Guitar solo Billy Dansfiell - Bass Cody Gilliland - Drums "Black and Green" Richie Turner - Vocals Stuart Laurence - Guitar Robert Williams - Guitar Billy Dansfiell- Bass Chris Alaniz - Drums "Running from the Law" [Riot cover] Jason McMaster - Vocals Mike Soliz - Vocals Robert Williams - Guitar Stuart Laurence - Guitar Donnie Van Stavern - Bass Felix Griffin - Drums "Sound of Scorn" Mark Zammaron - Vocals Robert Williams - Guitar, Bass Stuart Laurence - Guitar Pat Doyle - Drums "Within the Spell" Michael Paul Toupin - Vocals Robert Williams - Guitar Stuart Laurence - Guitar Al Berlanga - Guitar solo Stan Martinez - Bass Scott Palmer - Drums "Echoes of Memory" James Rivera - Vocals Robert Williams - Guitar Stuart Laurence - Guitar Larry Barragan - Guitar solo Stony Grantham - Bass Cody Gilliland - Drums "That's What Friends are For" (Original recording by Dionne Warwick / Reworked by Williams/Laurence of Texas Metal Outlaws with lyrics by Williams) Logan Orlando Perez - Vocals Jason McMaster - Vocals Robert Williams - Guitar, Vocals Stuart Laurence - Guitar Brendon Bigelow - Bass Pat Doyle - Drums

(Thanks Clawhammer Pr)


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