BAND SCROLLKEEPER ALBUM PATH TO GLORY LABEL SELF RELEASED OUT 2018 - Sept 14th OUR RATING 81/100 SCROLLKEEPER are a 5 piece Traditional HM band from Houston, Texas. Members are JUSTIN McKITTRICK on vocals, ALEXANDERK and JOHN MORRIS on guitars, WILL SULLIVAN on bass and SIMON MARFLEET on drums. Four songs in this EP, availaible digitally (but next will be out also as physycal copy); the first shot is NOT OF THIS EARTH, so epic and classic and enhanced by a suffered and technical solos. The title track is powerful but less fast, with really classic riffs, great changes of time and three guitars' solos to remind. SURRENDER is different and it's the clear sign that this band is able to do somethin' different. FORTUNE FAVORS THE BOLD is so classic, maybe with "punky" flavour. ANOTHER TALENTED BAND TO WATCH!

(Pics from Band's FB)


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