BAND THRASH BOMBZ ALBUM PRISONER OF DISASTER LABEL IRON SHIELD RECORDS OUT 2018 - Oct 26th OUR RATING 78/100 Thrash Bombz was born in 2007 from the ashes of Necrosis (death/thrash band from Sicily). The band has recorded a demo entitled “Sicilian Way of Thrash!!” in 2012 and in 2013 the band recorded a new EP, “Mission of Blood”, with 5 tracks, via Tridroid Records. Iron Shield Records has released in cd their first full lenght called "Mission of blood" and in September the new EP "Dawn". "Master of the Dead", the second full lenght (2017), was well-received and, after the release, Thrash Bombz had some concerts and festival gigs. Angelo Bissanti is a bandmember again and now they're ready with a new album called "PRISONER OF DISASTER". POD contains six tracks along with an intro called THE ORDER, that opens the title-track, an old style uncompromising thrash song. Next it's APOCALYPSE..'S TURN, again thrash metal with wild vocals but with some classic metal drops. If MAFIA DEMONZ goes on in the same way but extolling "street" soul, T.T.N.S. is a fresh cover of W.A.S.P. song. THE HEADQUARTER is an awesome instrumental, that shows clearly that this band is able to do also a lot more.

TRACKLIST 1. The Order 2. Prisoner of Disaster 3. Apocalypse... Prepare Yourself to Die 4. Mafia Demonz 5. T.T.N.S. 6. Live to Kill 7. The Headquarter

LINE-UP Tony "Stormer" Frenda – vocals Salvatore "Trronu" Morreale – drums Giuseppe "UR" Peri - rhythm guitar Angelo "Destruktor" Bissanti - lead guitar, bass, vocals

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