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After the amazing success of the project DIRKSCHNEIDER, focused on ACCEPT's classic albums, the band composed by UDO on vocal, his son SVEN DIRKSCHNEIDER on drums, the long-time mate FITTY WIENHOLD on bass and AUDREY SMIRNOV on guitar, is out from last Friday with a new platter entitled STEELFACTORY.

In the album notes UDO likes to emphasize the "real band songwriting", " spending weeks all together in the rehearsal room, swapping ideas, writing new songs", "having fun and with a few drinks in between".

We think that's the right attitude..we can go round and round but we can see the different outcome!

This album is absolutely fresh and well produced, with a sound that flows clear and powerful!

Three singles extract from STEELFACTORY, "RISING HIGH", "MAKE THE MOVE" and the anthem "ONE HEART ONE SOUL", already popular in the last few weeks.

But this album is many things: the classic teutonic metal of the first TONGUE REAPER, the more lilting and inspired KEEPER OF MY SOUL, the more catchy IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT.

The band is also able to increase or decrease the speed when it nedds, while in the fresh HUNGRY AND ANGRY they are good at playing with the rhyme of words.

In the Limited edition we can find two bonus traks, with THE DEVIL IS AN ANGEL especially to remark.

Maybe the last slice of the album sees a step behind, excepted the last and great THE WAY, with an UDO really inspired, that ends in the best way this great platter!

(Pics taken from Band's Fb)


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