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BLACK SABBATH - Only top drummers!

The unbelievable 50 years career of BLACK SABBATH was enhanced from contributions of top drummers.

The most famous is obviously BILL WARD, a founding member with OZZY OSBOURNE, GEEZER BUTLER and TONY IOMMI, present from the first self-titled masterpiece to HEAVEN AND HELL.

Next we can see him on long-disputed BORN AGAIN, one and only full-lenght with IAN

GILLAN on vocals, and on albums REUNION (1998) and PAST LIVES (2002).

Another top-notch was VINNY APPICE, present on DIO's era albums (including HEAVEN AND HELL's moniker).

We can't forget COZY POWELL, on drums on HEADLESS CROSS, TYR and FORBIDDEN, or KISS actual member ERIC SINGER (on SEVENTH STAR and ETERNAL IDOL, where two songs are played by BEV BEVAN.

BOBBY RONDINELLI was present on underrated CROSS PURPOSES (1994) and next CROSS PURPOSES LIVE (1995).

In 1997 we saw one show played by SHANNON LARKIN, as well as MIKE BORDIN, drummer of OZZY OSBOURNE and FAITH NO MORE.

Last but not least BRAD WILK of RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE played on last studio gem "13", while TOMMY CLUFETOS was the live drummer from 2012 to 2017.

And the history will go on? Never say never..

(Public pics taken from Fb)


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