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AC/DC - Destination "HIGHWAY TO HELL"!

Recording begun at the Roundhouse Studios in Chalk Farm, north London in March 1979.

Sessions for the album, 15 hours a day for over two month, were strong .

Lange's approach was anyway appreciated by the band.

Robert John "Mutt" Lange was meticulous about sound, getting right guitars and drums.

The album's most famous song is the title track but Atlantic Records hated, at the first time, the idea of using the song as the album title.

Highway to Hell was originally released on 27 July 1979 by Albert Productions, who licensed the album to Atlantic Records for release outside of Australia, and was then re-released by Epic Records in 2003 as part of the AC/DC Remasters series.

In Australia, Highway to Hell was originally released with a slightly different album cover, featuring flames and a drawing of a bass guitar neck superimposed over the same group photo used on the international cover.

Also, the AC/DC logo is a darker shade of maroon, but the accents are a bit lighter.

Additionally, the East German release had different and much plainer designs on the front and back


Side one

1. "Highway to Hell" 3:29 2. "Girls Got Rhythm" 3:24 3. "Walk All Over You" 5:10 4. "Touch Too Much" 4:28 5. "Beating Around the Bush" 3:57

Side two

No. Title Length 1. "Shot Down in Flames" 3:23 2. "Get It Hot" 2:35 3. "If You Want Blood (You've Got It)" 4:38 4. "Love Hungry Man" 4:18 5. "Night Prowler" 6:18


Bon Scott LV Angus Young LG Malcolm Young RG BV Cliff Williams BG BV Phil Rudd DR

(Public pics taken from Fb)


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