ALBUM Rising From The Ashes

OUT 2018 - Sept 28th (Vinyl Reissue)


OUR RATING 84/100 All our followers know that Hardrockheavymetal was born to celebrate the passion for tratitional hard'n'heavy and firstly for NWOBHM, a real golden era of our loved genre.

It was a pleasure that PURE STEEL RECORDS signed a deal also with WEAPON UK, one of the more fancy bands of this scene.

“Set The Stage Alight” must be considered one of the biggest hymns of the entire New Wave Of British Heavy Metal period, that originally appeared on the B-Side of Weapon’s debut 7”/12” single »It’s A Mad Mad World« (issued in 1980).

The original “classic” line-up of Weapon consisted of Bruce Bisland (drums), Jeff Summers (guitars), Barry Downes (bass) and Danny Hynes (vocals).

The band was initially called Fast Relief but they changed name to Weapon in early 1980.

Due to management problems, the original incarnation of Weapon split up in mid-1981 before recording their debut album.

Pure Steel’s »Set The Stage Alight« record compiled on glorious vinyl what would have been Weapon’s first full-length album. Weapon did briefly reform in 1984 and even recorded some demos with Andy Scott of Sweet.

In 2014, their comeback album »Rising From The Ashes« was released and now, after the cd's reissue, is ready the vinyl version, previously unavailable.

Surely a bit more melodic but an album absolutely interesting in the better format!


1. The Awakening (Prelude) 2. Ride The Mariah! 3. Fountain Of Paradise 4. Warrior 5. Ready 4 You 6. Burning Skies 7. The Rocker (Bonustrack) Side B

8. Alamein 9. Wonderland 10. Bloodsoaked Rock 11. Bad Reputation 12. Celebration Time 13. Killer Instinct (Bonustrack)

LINE UP Danny Hynes VC Jeff Summers GT VC PJ Philips BG VC Ian Sweeting DR Special guests: Roy Shipston (Alamein) KB Baz Downes (Killer Instinct) BG VC Bruce Bisland (Killer Instinct) DR VC

(Thanks Pure Steel Promotion)


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