ALBUM SAGE Anno Domini 1573

LABEL Rockshots Records OUT 2018 -  September 21st

OUR RATING 80/100 SAGE are an HM band from CROATIA with a worldwide deal which have just signed a worldwide record deal with ROCKSHOTS RECORDS for the release of their debut album entitled "Anno Domini 1573". The album is about the Peasants’ Revolt, a metaphor of the battle between good and evil, honesty and greed.

SAGE delivers a mix of heavy, power and progressive metal, even though is surely hard to define it specifically due to the band’s unique style. This is a various album with classic HM drops in somgs as REBELLION, while WOLF PRIEST becomes darker while DRAGON HEART is surely more progressive.

TWO SOULS, with a good job of the KB, is more closer to progressive/hard rock style, enhanced by a great solo inspired and technical.

In BLACKSMITH'S TALE we can find an hard rock song powerful and grandiloquent, while MAN OF THE SORROW is enriched by folk/epic drops.

The album cointains no fillers and goes on with good inspiration until the last and great HEAVEN OPEN YOUR GATES.



"Treason" (Official Music Video) "Battle" (Official Music Video) TRACKLIST 1 Rivers Will Be Full of Blood 2 Rebellion 3 Wolf Priest 4 Dragon Heart 5 Two Souls 6 Blacksmith’s Tale 7 Man Of Sorrow 8 Join Us 9 Treason 10 Battle 11 Heaven Open Your Gates

LINE UP Davor Bušljeta LV Enio Vučeta GT BV Marko Karačić BG Branimir Habek GT BV Andrej Božić KB BV Goran Mikulek DR 

(Thanks AsherMediaRelations/Rockshots Records)


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