💿 Hi, it’s a pleasure for us to have on Hardrockheavymetal NEHIDER CABRERA of AXE STEELER! Welcome!! Thank you very much for inviting us to participate in this interview, we hope everyone will like it.

💿 Can you tell us somethin’about your early days of your career? When is this all begun? Which bands have influenced you and what’s the matter of your moniker?  It's funny how the band was born since each one of the members had different projects, we have always been friends and lovers of Heavy Metal music, so one day without thinking we decided to start this project that today fills us with satisfaction for the achievements reached. In terms of musical influences we have many, we are lovers of searching traditional bands in terms of genre, having as major influences the waves that characterize countries like Germany, France, England, USA, Italy, Eastern Europe (Hungary, Poland, Croatia) among many others, we consider that this musical variety helps us to compose authentically and express our true tastes in what we do. Regarding the name of the band, we always wanted it to sound aggressive, sharp and very representative of heavy metal so we came up with AXE STEELER since there was no other band with this name and represents everything that identifies us.

💿 “ON THE RUN”, your first full-length, is “hot’n’ready” and will be out on September 7th. 

Can you tell us somethin’about its composition process? Are you satisfied about this platter? We have the privilege to listening to it in preview and we were very impressed! ON THE RUN is an album that captures all the taste we have for music, the composition process was a teamwork where everyone contributed their knowledge and love for music, in terms of the production process and post-production We are very satisfied, it was a unique experience for each one of us and we hope that it will please everyone.

💿 The real “news” in music industry is the return of vinyl; what’s your feeling about this classic format and the current music “business”? Particularly we love this comeback, we are lovers of this format, and particularly most of the bands that influence us are on vinyl, we like to collect them, listen to them and share them with our friends who love Heavy Metal music.

💿 “ON THE RUN” will be out through IRON SHIELD RECORDS. Can you tell us something about relationships with them? We are very grateful to Thomas for trusting in our work, the relationship with him has been excellent, he is a lover of Heavy Metal and knowledgeable about the genre, so we are proud that this work has been given.

💿 Can you tell us somethin’about your next live projects? For this year we have an event in sight and it is the JAGUAR FEST II, this will take place ending the month of October in the city of BOGOTÁ, this event has the participation of three legendary bands that have always influenced us musically such as MEDIEVAL STEEL, GLACIER and PILEDRIVER, as well as the participation of brothers from the South American metal and from Mexico, is a meeting that no lover of heavy metal in Colombia can miss!

💿 We love the cover of your album..Who made it? It's a work by Felipe Mora, he has done works for Colombian bands like HELLBREAKER, SAVAGE AGGRESSION, BLOODY NIGHTMARE, REVENGE among others, he is a great artist and friend.

💿 Lastly, you come from COLOMBIA; can you tell us somethin’about HM scene of your country? It's a very young movement yet, Colombia is a country that although it had Heavy Metal in the 80's there were very few bands that emerged in comparison with more extreme genres. 

Today we see the emergence of good proposals of Heavy Metal such as STEEL HAMMER, ADS, NIGHTMARE, RUNNER HELL, EVIL TERROR, HELLROAR among many others that are complying, some of the mentioned with a slightly more mature trajectory.

💿  Thank you so much for your time! See you soon on Hardrockheavymetal! Thank you very much for your interest, we hope to be here another time!


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