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LABEL HighVolMusic

OUT 2018 - Sept 14th


DC4 are a well-known Heavy Rock band from Los Angeles, featuring Jeff Duncan (Armored Saint, Odin) on guitar and lead vocals, Shawn Duncan (Odin, Killer Bee) on drums, Matt Duncan on bass guitar, and Rowan Robertson (Dio) on guitar. The DC4 live set is nothing short of a blistering performance chocked full of familiar songs from their catalog and enhanced by classics from their affiliations. 

DC4 has already released four albums:  ‘Mood Swings’, Volume One’, ‘Explode’, and ‘Electric Ministry’.

Their 5th platter, ‘Atomic Highway’ will be availaible from September 14th via HighVolMusic.

LET'S START FROM THE END: ‘Atomic Highway’ is an amazing album! No doubt!

They start with with PROGENY/QUEEN OF LOS ANGELES, a classy intro before a track in the best US HARD ROCK tradition, able to mix seventies' lesson with the freshness of VAN HALEN.

The structure is complex, but they're able to be so catchy when it needs and vocals' contributions are astounding.

The title track is another ace, that reminds us somethin' from "VAN HAGAR"'s era, with solo running favors for the song.

SOMETHING IN MY HEAD is a bit stronger, maybe closer to classic US POWER but with a fresh production.

DOMINIQUE is surely different, reminding us somethin' from 70's Aerosmith, in a harder version.

In the same way the next CASTAWAY, while ONE AND ONLY, starts unexpectedly in more melodic way extolling at their best the vocals' skills of JEFF DUNCAN.

‘Atomic Highway’ also features guest appearances by John Bush (Armored Saint, Anthrax) and Dizzy Reed (Guns N' Roses), on the stunning cover of ‘The Who’ evergreen "Baba O’ Riley". 

21st CENTURY LOVE is another gem, a continuous crescendo with Zeppelin's flavour.

SEIZE THE DAY, an heavier song, ends in the best way this brilliant return of DC4!!

(Thanks HighVolMusic)


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