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UFO - "NO PLACE TO RUN" times...

NO PLACE TO RUN is the 8th studio album by the UFO, out in 1980 via Chrysalis Records.

It was the first album featuring Paul Chapman, who replaced Michael Schenker on lead guitar.

The album was produced by George Martin.

The record cover was issued in several versions in the UK, with different colours of the album title.

Two singles were released from the album: "Young Blood" and "Letting' Go". The album was reissued in 2009, remastered with an expanded booklet and bonus tracks. TRACKLIST Side one

"Alpha Centauri" (Paul Chapman) - 2:06

"Lettin' Go" (Phil Mogg, Pete Way) - 3:51

"Mystery Train" (Junior Parker, Sam Phillips) - 3:55

"This Fire Burns Tonight" (Mogg, Chapman) - 4:13

"Gone in the Night" (Mogg, Way) - 3:47

Side two

"Young Blood" (Mogg, Way) - 3:59

"No Place to Run" (Mogg, Way) - 3:58

"Take It or Leave It" (Paul Raymond) - 3:01

"Money, Money" (Mogg, Way) - 3:29

"Anyday" (Mogg, Way) - 3:48

CD ed. bonus tracks

"Gone in the Night" (alternative studio version) - 4:05

"Lettin' Go" (recorded live at The Marquee, London, 16/11/80) - 3:47

"Mystery Train" (recorded live at The Marquee, London, 16/11/80) - 6:08

"No Place to Run" (recorded live at The Marquee, London, 16/11/80) - 3:46 LINE UP Phil Mogg VC

Paul Chapman LG

Paul Raymond KB GT BV

Pete Way BG

Andy Parker DR


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