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JAILBREAK is the 16th studio album by Thin Lizzy, out in 1976.


Side one

1. "Jailbreak" Phil Lynott 4:01 2. "Angel from the Coast" Phil Lynott, Brian Robertson 3:03 3. "Running Back" Lynott 3:13 4. "Romeo and the Lonely Girl" Lynott 3:55 5. "Warriors" Lynott, Scott Gorham 4:09

Side two

6. "The Boys Are Back in Town" Lynott 4:27 7. "Fight or Fall" Lynott 3:45 8. "Cowboy Song" Lynott, Brian Downey 5:16 9. "Emerald" Lynott, Robertson, Downey, Gorham 4:03

On the 1996 Mercury CD reissue, "Angel from the Coast" and "Running Back" are listed as the second track with only one running time, making it appear to be a single song called "Angel from the Coast Running Back", and there is no third track listed.

However, all the songs are sequenced as on the original LP release. On 24 January 2011, a new remastered and expanded version of Jailbreak was released.

This new edition is a 2-CD set, with the original album on disc one, and bonus material on disc two.

On the original vinyl release of the album, the back cover included a short story, which is also reprinted inside some editions of the new deluxe edition. However, the track listing on the back cover of the 1st release was incorrect, listing only ten songs, while the actual CD contains eleven tracks.

Also, the songs are not in the correct order. The track listing was corrected on later versions of the release. Only the bonus material on disc two has been remastered in 2010.

Disc two

1. "The Boys Are Back in Town" (remixed version) 4:34 2. "Jailbreak" (remixed version) 4:13 3. "The Boys Are Back in Town" (alternate vocal - remixed version) 4:32 4. "Emerald" (remixed version) 4:08 5. "Jailbreak" (BBC Session, 12 February 1976) 4:04 6. "Emerald" (BBC Session, 12 February 1976) 3:57 7. "Cowboy Song" (BBC Session, 12 February 1976) 5:13 8. "Warriors" (BBC Session, 12 February 1976) 3:56 9. "Fight or Fall" (extended version – rough mix) 5:21 10. "Blues Boy" (previously unreleased studio track) Lynott 4:38 11. "Derby Blues" (early live version of "Cowboy Song" recorded 11 February 1975) Lynott, Downey 6:51


Phil Lynott LV BG GT Scott Gorham GT

Brian Robertson GT

Brian Downey DR

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