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PURE INSTINCT is the 13th album by SCORPIONS, out in 1996.

The cover art made for this album was replaced next with an alternative version

due to the nudity on the original one.

This is the only band's album featuring Curt Cress on drums.

The song "You And I" gained some popularity and was often played on Scorpions concerts. TRACKLIST 1. "Wild Child" Rudolf Schenker 4:19 2. "But the Best for You" Meine 5:26 3. "Does Anyone Know" Meine 6:03 4. "Stone in My Shoe" Schenker 4:42 5. "Soul Behind the Face" Schenker 4:14 6. "Oh Girl (I Wanna Be with You)" Schenker 3:56 7. "When You Came into My Life" (lyrics by: Meine, Schenker, Titiek Puspa, James F. Sundah) Meine, Schenker, Puspa, Sundah 5:13 8. "Where the River Flows" Schenker 4:16 9. "Time Will Call Your Name" Schenker 3:21 10. "You and I" Meine 6:16

11. "Are You the One?" Schenker 3:15

Japanese edition bonus track

12. "She's Knocking at My Door" Schenker 3:21


Klaus Meine VC Matthias Jabs GT Rudolf Schenker GT BV Ralph Rieckermann BV

Additional musicians

Curt Cress DR

Pitti Hecht - percussion Luke Herzog, Koen van Bael KB


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