IOMMI - Solo album in 2000..

The first solo album by BLACK SABBATH's riffmaster TONY IOMMI, took nearly five years to make.

All songs were written by Iommi, producer Bob Marlette and the respective singers of each track (except "Black Oblivion", written by Iommi and Billy Corgan).

Iommi's career is linked to his time in Black Sabbath, a band he led from its formation in 1968 to its semi-retirement in 1999.

A number of musicians associated with Black Sabbath appear on Iommi. Track 9 features Ozzy Osbourne and Bill Ward.

The track also features Laurence Cottle on bass, sawn with Black Sabbath on Headless Cross. Cottle also features on tracks 3-5 and 7-9.

Tracks 3 and 7 feature guitarist Brian May, who had previously guest performed with Sabbath on their 1989 tour, performing a guitar solo on the Headless Cross album.


1. "Laughing Man (In the Devil Mask)" Iommi, Marlette, Rollins Henry Rollins – vocals Terry Phillips – bass Jimmy Copley – drums 3:42

2. "Meat" Iommi, Marlette, Skin Skin – vocals Bob Marlette – bass John Tempesta – drums 4:55

3. "Goodbye Lament" Iommi, Marlette, Grohl Dave Grohl – vocals, drums Laurence Cottle – bass 4:52

4. "Time is Mine" Iommi, Marlette, Anselmo Philip Anselmo – vocals Laurence Cottle – bass Matt Cameron – drums 4:58

5. "Patterns" Iommi, Marlette, Tankian Serj Tankian – vocals Laurence Cottle – bass Jimmy Copley – drums 4:22

6. "Black Oblivion" Iommi, Corgan Billy Corgan – vocals, bass Kenny Aronoff – drums 8:22

7. "Flame On" Iommi, Marlette, Astbury Ian Astbury – vocals Laurence Cottle – bass Matt Cameron – drums 4:31

8. "Just Say No to Love" Iommi, Marlette, Steele Peter Steele – vocals, bass Laurence Cottle – bass Matt Cameron – drums 4:29

9. "Who's Fooling Who" Iommi, Marlette, Osbourne Ozzy Osbourne – vocals Laurence Cottle – bass Bill Ward – drums 6:12

10. "Into the Night" Iommi, Marlette, Idol Billy Idol – vocals Ben Shepherd – bass Matt Cameron – drums 5:06

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