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Manes are a contemporary alternative metal from Norway, ready with their long-awaited new studio full-lenght 'Slow Motion Death Sequence'.

This new album is a well-balanced mix of several genres and influences, enhanced by elements of electronica, trip hop and alternative rock/metal.

We can also find jazz drops, confirming that band is able to experiment and take risks.

'Slow Death Music Sequence' is layered in detail and sometimes cinematic in scope, with a portion of nihilism and darkness.

'Slow Motion Death Sequence' will be released 24th August via Debemur Morti Productions. TRACKLIST 01 Endetidstegn 02 Scion 03 Chemical Heritage 04 Therapism 05 Last Resort 06 Poison Enough For Everyone 07 Building The Ship Of Theseus 08 Night Vision 09 Ater

BIO Formed in Trondheim, Norway, in 1992, Manes's music has gone through many stages of transformation and mutation but the core of the group has remained unchanged for over 16 years. The band has had a mantra of exploration and experimentation in their approach to song writing, and is hard to define by limiting genres. Overall Manes can best be described as a bastardisation of rock and electronica with influences from jazz, metal and more. Still, the focus lies on what goes in the ear. The music has been called both atmospheric and cinematic, often with climactic builds and layers of detail. It can be both emotional and oppressive, and more often than not; cloaked in a discomforting darkness. Manes can in many ways be called somewhat an artistic collective, not adhering to the traditional band-concept, as collaborations has become a staple of their sound. Often resembling a borderless playground for its members, Manes seek to find some glimpse of magic in what they create outside of their more normal band ambitions. The members of Manes have been, or are currently, a part of other groups including the likes of Atrox, The Third and The Mortal, Lethe, Drontheim, Chton, Calmcorder and more. The band have chosen to focus on studio work and the creative aspects of music, and is selective and eclectic with their live apperances. Through the years Manes has played shows with Isis, Katatonia, Theater of Tragedy and more, and festivals like Brutal Assault, Inferno, Quart, Dark Bombastic Evening, Blastfest and Pstereo. Manes has also played alternative events like a semi-accoustic show at an art vernissage and a live collaboration with noise artists B Revolution, and thirve on opportunities to experiment in concert settings.

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