BAND Kill No Albatross ALBUM Speak True Evil LABEL Self-Release RELEASE 2018 - July 13th OUR RATING 70/100

It's never easy to have on opinion about an EP, with only 4 songs and 15 mins'duration.

The style is well mixed with several influences; the whole thing has a clear contemporary flavour enhanced by great vocals.

We can find melodic (SKY ON FIRE or the first part of VOID) or heavier parts..FEROCITY and SWEETNESS!

Surely to be reviewed with a full-length!


1. Seven Tools (3:51) 2. Apex Predator (3:18) 3. Sky On Fire (4:09) 4. Void (4:05)

EP Length: 15:25 LINE UP

Kyle Collins VC GT Alexander Sallas DR Josh Pinkney GT Alex Crosty GT Liam Kilawee BG LIVE LINE UP

Kyle Collins VC Alexander Sallas DR Josh Pinkney GT BV Alex Crosty GT BV Glenn Scott BG Discography:

2018 – Speak True Evil – EP 2017 – Lost in Darkness and Distance – EP BIO For wildly energetic Burlington-based rock band Kill No Albatross, intertwining the accessibility of rock, the technicality of prog, and the energy of hardcore is the name of the game. Through intelligent songwriting, creative guitar work, and emotional intensity, they meld dynamic, bold, bewitching sounds to create no holds barred rock. In 2017, Kill No Albatross released their debut EP, “Lost in Darkness and Distance”, and will follow it up with another EP, “Speak True Evil”, in 2018. Going forward, the band intends to expand the dynamics of their unique sound, traversing softer and heavier territory without compromising the meticulousness they are becoming known for. They are excited to develop as a band and tour their home country, bringing their signature wild energy to every stage along the way – just hold on for the ride.


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