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The original Geordie line-up included was: Vic Malcolm (lead guitar), Tom Hill (bass guitar), Brian Gibson (drums) and Brian Johnson (lead vocals).

In the early 70s Geordie toured Australia bulding a solid following in Newcastle and New South Wales.

After their 1976 album Save the World, Brian Johnson left for a solo project.

The band's final album, No Good Woman, in 1978 consisted of three unreleased tracks with Johnson and new material recorded by Malcolm with next Dire Straits' member Alan Clark, vocalist Dave Ditchburn, bassist Frank Gibbon, and drummer George Defty.

Johnson had begun to perform as Geordie in a new line-up, sometimes called Geordie II, in which he was the only original member.

The band signed a recording contract in 1980, before Johnson replacing Bon Scott in AC/DC. In 1982, the original Geordie without Johnson, recorded an album titled No Sweat in 1983 with new singer Rob Turnbull and additional guitarist David Stephenson.

The album was released via Neat Records.

Next they disbanded for the second time.

They re-grouped in the middle of 80s, but Malcolm left, and they later changed their name to Powerhouse, to release an eponymous album in 1986, before disbanding again. At the end of 2001 Johnson had a one off reunion, for a short UK tour, with Geordie's 1977–80 line-up.

They were known as Geordie 2.

DISCOGRAPHY (as Geordie) Hope You Like It (1973) (Red Bus)

Don't Be Fooled by the Name (1974) (Red Bus)

Save the World (1976) (Red Bus)

No Good Woman (1978) (Red Bus – Landmark)

No Sweat (1983) (Neat Records)

LINE UP 1972–1977 Brian Johnson (vocals)

Vic Malcolm (guitar, vocals) (1972-1975, 1976-1977)

Tom Hill (bass)

Brian Gibson (drums)

Micky Bennison (guitar) (1975-1976) Line-up for some tracks on No Good Woman (1978): Dave Ditchburn (vocals)

Vic Malcolm (guitar)

Alan Clark (keyboards)

Frank Gibbon (bass)

George Defty (drums) Line-up with Johnson ("Geordie II"), 1977–1980, 2001: Brian Johnson (vocals)

Derek Rootham (guitar)

Dave Robson (bass)

Davy Whittaker (drums) 1982–1985 line-up: Rob Turnbull (vocals)

Vic Malcolm (guitar)

David Stephenson (guitar)

Tom Hill (bass)

Brian Gibson (drums) (Public Pics taken from Fb)


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