THE LAW OF DEVIL'S LAND is the 3rd studio full-lenght by Japanese HM legends Loudness.

It was released in 1983 only in Japan and later was distributed in Europe by Roadrunner Records. The reissue of 2005 contains two bonus tracks from the Uk version of the band's 3rd single. TRACKLIST Side one

"Theme of Loudness (part II)" - 1:52

"In the Mirror" - 3:41

"Show Me the Way" - 6:05

"I Wish You Were Here" - 3:45

"Mr. Yes Man" - 6:57

Side two

"The Law of Devil's Land" - 4:56

"Black Wall" - 5:06

"Sleepless Night" - 4:48

"Speed" - 5:32

2005 Japanese CD edition bonus tracks

"Road Racer" - 4:25

"Shinkiro" - 4:01

LINE UP Minoru Niihara VC

Akira Takasaki GT

Masayoshi Yamashita BG

Munetaka Higuchi DR

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