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CROSSING ETERNITY is a new Romanian/Swedish symphonic powermetal band founded by guitarist and composer Manu Savu.

Entering the studio in the mid of last year, he recruited Berti Barbera as singer and swedish Uffe Tillman as drummer; they are all experienced musicians bring 25-30 years of experience across all genres with them.

Enjoying the privilege of sharing the stage with big names like Uriah Heep, Ten Years After, Scorpions and many others, the band’s priority is to expand its name worldwide. Their debut album “The Rising World” is ready for release on June 15, 2018 via Rockshots Records.

The title-track is the first shot, an interesting prog/power metal tune with a contemporary flavour, while next GHOST OF A STORM is more classic HM with symphonic inserts.

The song is surely modern, fresh and powerful, enhanced by vocals almost catchy and by a solo really inspired.

SAND IN THE SKY reveals the more progressive side of the band while HIGH ABOVE THE CROWN is heavier, with a raw riffing.

The song is many more things with melodic parts enriched by evocatives vocals.

KINGDOME COME starts with a more relaxed atmosphere, almost "folk", before developing itself in somethin' lilting that blows up in a great solo.

If EMBRACE YOUR VOICES is maybe a step under, JOURNEY TO THE END.. is a tune more classic, rich of great variations.

With WINTER POEM they return to prog side, with heavier riffs and pressing keyboards.

HAUNTED is a real kick in the teeth, while DREAMS FALL shows folk drops, as well as ANGELS CRY, RAINBOWS HIDE.

SPIRIT OF THE FOREST is so various , when folk parts fit perfectly with catchy and power metal moments.

The end is for the great WAR OF GODS, powerful and mighty power metal song which concludes at best this great work.


A fancy and "rich" album, where power metal elements blend perfectly into several other nuances.

Surely to suggest!

LINE UP Berti Barbera LV PERC Manu Savu GT BG KB Uffe Tillman DR PERC TITLETRACK 01 Crossing Eternity 4:32 02 Ghost Of A Storm 4:40 03 Sand In The Sky 4:46 04 High above the crown 4:38 05 Kingdome Come 4:15 06 Embrace Your Voices 4:06 07 Journey To The End Of Dr... 4:43

08 Winter Poem 4:54 09 Haunted 5:29 10 Dreams Fall 5:07 11 Angles Cry, Rainbows Hide 4:40 12 Spirit Of The Forest 3:58 13 War Of Gods

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