BAND Ratbreed

ALBUM Evoke The Blaze OUT 2018, July 13th LABEL Inverse Records


Ratbreed, HM band from Finland, are ready with their debut album called EVOKE THE BLAZE , available on July 13th, via INVERSE RECORDS.

Formed in 2015, the band is known for several live shows mostly in Helsinki area. The recordings took place partly at Deep Noise Studios in Kouvola with mr. Juho Räihä and partly at the band’s guitarman Markus Taipale’s private studio.

The album was mixed and mastered by Juho Räihä at Sound Spiral Audio (Wolfheart, Profane Omen, Before The Dawn etc.) in Kouvola, Finland. The digital version will also include cover version of Warlock’s “I Rule The Ruins” as a bonus track.

ESCAPE FROM THE ASYLUM is the first song and it's the great first shot by this great female fronted NWOTHM band.

They surely remind us somethin' of bands as LADY BEAST.

HUNTING HIGH, REAPING LOW seems less fast; anyway a great classic HM song where excel solo parts.

Several are changes of time.

On the same way the next tune called DECAY OF THE MIND, maybe with Maiden's drops, with twin guitars and more catchy parts.

BLAZE FROM BELOW is surely characterised by pressin' rhythms but in the meantime by less fast moments.

GATES OF UNDERWORLD is another great shot..surely classic HM but with 80's hard rock drops.

UNHALLOWED SLEEPS is a more HARD ROCK tune, clear sign that the band is able to doing (well) different things.

This platter goes on alternating faster and less fast moments, enriched by vocals so ductiles and multifaceted.


Another great NWOTHM band from FINLAND, a country which is reserving us several surprises!


Jasmin Anglén VC Mikko Kaipainen GT Markus Taipale GT Lauri Palmunen BG Mikko Toivonen – DR (Thanks Inverse Records)


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