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ANIMAL MAGNETISM is the 7th studio album by Scorpions, released in 1980.

In 2001 remaster edition by EMI, contains a bonus track called "Hey You", sung by Rudolf Schenker, Klaus Meine at backing vocals.

The song was originally recorded during the Lovedrive sessions in 1978 and released two years later as side-A (together with "The Zoo" as side-B). A shorter remix from 1989 was used. TRACKLIST Side 1

1."Make It Real" Herman RarebellRudolf Schenker 3:49

2."Don't Make No Promises (Your Body Can't Keep)"Rarebell Matthias Jabs2:55

3."Hold Me Tight" Klaus Meine, RarebellSchenker 3:53

4."Twentieth Century Man" MeineSchenker3:00

5."Lady Starlight" MeineSchenker 6:15

Side two

6."Falling in Love" RarebellRarebell 4:09

7."Only a Man" Meine, RarebellSchenker 3:32

8."The Zoo"MeineSchenker 5:28

9."Animal Magnetism" Meine, RarebellSchenker 5:56

2001 CD remastered edition bonus track

10."Hey You" (original version on Japanese and US versions of Best of Rockers 'n' Ballads (1989)) Meine, RarebellSchenker 4:29

LINE UP Klaus Meine LV

Matthias Jabs LG BV

Rudolf Schenker RG BV

Francis Buchholz BG BV

Herman Rarebell DR BV


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