FROST AND FIRE FESTIVAL WHEN MAY 11/12-2018 WHERE CAMDEN (LONDON) When we talk about a festival like this, we can say a lot of things or we can tell about the majesty of a band or other.. But we prefer to generate emotions..and emotions were several throughout last Friday and Saturday. The appetizer was the NWOBHM PREPARTY RAGER at BLACK HEART, a small sold-out venue but really on fire. BASHFUL ALLEY were really outstanding, with their fancy boogie hard rock full of solos of a gorgeous Rob Tidd. Next it was time for a cult band as much class and energy and the appreciation of the crowd was equal for classics as DEATH & DESTINY or new songs taken from last shot STILL BURNING. The last hour was reserved to JAGUAR, with the founding member GARY PEPPERD in pole position. JARVIS LEATHERBY of NIGHT DEMON helped the band on vocals. The band played less songs under budget of regard of exigencies of venue. On Saturday the main menu at THE UNDERWORLD reserved two real wonders as AMULET and Wytch Hazel, maybe different but both of them with big expectations! Night Demon, after two appreciated full-lenght and one EP, are by now a certainty for all Traditional HM fans Angel Witch are a war machine, and the setlist is usually focused on first album but three songs are taken from DEAD SEA SCROLLS and sound as classics for the excited crowd. The last shot was for Cirith Ungol, with TIM BAKER, ROBERT GARVEN and JIM BARRAZA helped by ARMAND JOHN ANTHONY and JARVIS LEATHERBY, respectively on bass and on was the first time in UK, 70 mins of pure emotions!

Next we'v moved on to THE DEV for release party of long awaited first album by Toledo Steel called "NO QUARTER", of which we'll talk about in next days..Surely one of the best bands in UK NWOTHM scene! The last thanks was for guys of NIGHT DEMON, both musicians, managers, technicians..simply amazing!


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