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DIO - "Magica" times..

MAGICA is the 8th studio album by Dio.

It was released on March 21, 2000, via Spitfire Records.

This album featured the return of CRAIG GOLDY, present on albums as Dream Evil and in the later Master of the Moon, Jimmy Bain on bass and Simon Wright on drums and it was directly produced by Ronnie James Dio.

This platter was originally planned to be the first part of a trilogy of concept albums.

A 2007 reissue puts Magica together with Killing the Dragon.


All tracks by RJ DIO/CRAIG GOLDY except where noted.

Side one

1."Discovery"Dio 0:54

2."Magica Theme" Dio 1:16

3."Lord of the Last Day" Dio 4:04

4."Fever Dreams"Dio 4:37 5."Turn to Stone" 5:19

6."Feed My Head" 5:39

Side two

7."Eriel" 7:25

8."Challis" 4:22

9."As Long as It's Not About Love" 6:28

10."Losing My Insanity" 5:04

11."Otherworld" 4:56

12."Magica (Reprise)"Dio 1:53

13."Lord of the Last Day (Reprise)" Dio1:44

14."The Magica Story" 18:23

Deluxe Edition Disc

1."The Magica Story"18:23



4."Feed My Head (official live bootleg)"5:43

5."Fever Dreams (official live bootleg)"4:17

6."Lord of the Last Day (official live bootleg)"4:08

7."As Long as It's Not About Love (official live bootleg)"5:34

8."Losing My Insanity (official live bootleg)"4:04

LINE UP Ronnie James Dio VC KB

Craig Goldy GT KB

Jimmy Bain BG

Simon Wright DR

(Public Pics taken from FB)

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