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DAVE HOLLAND, drummer among others of JUDAS PRIEST has passed away at the age of 69 on January 16th, 2018 in Spain. Holland was living in Fonsagrada, a town in northwest Spain, after spending several years in a British jail, because he was sentenced in January 2004 of trying to assault a 17-year-old in England, while giving him drumming lessons.

DAVE HOLLAND joined JUDAS PRIEST in 1979 and stayed in the band for a decade, playing on such classic albums as "British Steel" (1980), "Point Of Entry" (1981), "Screaming For Vengeance" (1982), "Defenders Of The Faith" (1984), "Turbo" (1986), and "Ram It Down" (1988).

He was out of the band in 1989 and was replaced by Scott Travis.

Holland was also a founding member of TRAPEZE with GLENN HUGHES and MEL GALLEY, his bandmates from a previous band called FINDERS KEEPERS. We remind that Holland was with SCOTT TRAVIS the more popular PRIEST's six drummers (others were John Hinch, Alan Moore, Simon Phillips, Les Binks). In early 1965 he was with Northampton band DORIAN GRAY.

Later that year Holland joined THE LIBERATORS, ready within a few weeks to evolve into Pinkerton's Assorted Colours. Holland stayed with the band until August 1968, before his experience in Finders Keepers.

Finders Keepers, who were joined by Mel Galley and Glenn Hughes, recorded many singles, with some songs now available on several compilations.

Soon afterwards the threesome joined forces with vocalist and winds player John Jones and multi-instrumentalist Terry Rowley of The Montanas fame to form TRAPEZE.

During the 1980s, Holland also collaborated with guitarist Robin George, as part of his band Life and on George's solo project, Dangerous Music.

Throughout the 1990s, besides touring with reformed Trapeze and filling in for various bands like The Screaming Jets, Holland gave drum clinics and private lessons, managed and produced bands such as Shutlanger Sam and played on various recordings of his former mates.

In 1996, he participated in sessions that involved Glenn Hughes, Tony Iommi and Don Airey.

In 1998, a collaboration with Al Atkins, Judas Priest's original singer, was released, featuring some covers of early JUDAS PRIEST songs that Holland did not originally play on.

(Public Pics taken from FB; pic 1 solo- pic 2 with JUDAS PRIEST - pic 3 with TRAPEZE)

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