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Kickstarter Ritual is a stoner-influenced rock’n’roll power trio led by a drummer singer. In 2013 drummer Fortu decided to put together a project that could mix love for rock and roll and the catchiness of fast, sharp rhythms.

Fortu was already well known in North Italy as cofounder of the glam metal band Houston.

Francesco, from stoner band Shloost, became the bass player and was chosen Goran as guitarist.

A year later, Black Mama EP was released; next the trio released a catchy single for Christmas 2015: Cooperate.

The single featured the cover from Danzig, Mother, on the B side.

When, in summer 2016, Francesco leaves the band, Goran and Fortu found a new bass player. Juliusz, founder member of the glam rock band Hollywood Pornostar. Kickstarter Ritual started recording their first LP, Ready to Take a Ride, in may 2017: as soon as the album was available in hard copy, Kickstarter Ritual embarked on their first three weeks European tour. As soon as they came back from the tour, guitar player Goran officially announced his decision to part ways with Kickstarter Ritual.

This might have determined the end of Kickstarter Ritual. However, despite this misadventure, Fortu and Juliusz did not give up.

They’d rather play as a duo than cancelling shows already booked. Gaby, cofounder of Houston with Fortu, just arrived from Australia after almost a decade away from Italy. Juliusz switched to guitar, with Gaby taking on the role of bassist. Available from October 2017 as digital format, now READY TO TAKE A RIDE is availaible as CD.

This platter starts with the well-known single COOPERATE, an hard rock song son of seventies, with a fancy bluesy solo.

MESSIN'AROUND goes on in the same way before TOO OLD, a really interesting stoner full of 70's heritage.

DIRTY OLD TOWN is a standard song, with acid blues drops; it reminds us somethin' from first THE DATSUNS.

NANANANANA is another stoner acid blues that grows quickly, before moving towards hard blues seas.

THE MAN ON THE HAWLING MACHINE is more bluesy, while GET IT ON starts more thoughtful before developing in a more 70's HR and ending bluesy in Robert Plant's mood.

HAZY DAYS is a great acoustic gem, before THE CITIES ARE BURNING (WITH ROCK'N'ROLL), a stunning Hard'n'Roll!

After KISS MY GUN, the title track ends in the best way this great platter!

(Thanks Atomic Stuff Promotion)

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