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STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT (with original subtitle A Double Live Album) is a live album by UFO, released in 1979 via Chrysalis.

This double LP album was recorded in autumn 1978 at shows in Chicago, Illinois and Louisville, Kentucky.

This was UFO's last concert recording with Michael Schenker as lead guitarist reunion in 1993. Schenker left the band during this tour; than the band recruited Paul Chapman.

In 1999 EMI reissued Strangers in the Night with an expanded edition enhanced by two bonus songs, "Hot 'n' Ready" and "Cherry".

The announcement at the beginning of the ext. CD version indicates the first track was recorded in Chicago but was not so according to the booklet of the 2008 remaster (the songs are indicated as recorded in Youngstown, Ohio 15.10.1978 and Cleveland, Ohio 16.10.1978 accordingly).

TRACKLIST Side one "Natural Thing" (Michael Schenker, Phil Mogg, Pete Way) – 3:57

"Out in the Street" (Way, Mogg) – 5:07

"Only You Can Rock Me" (Way, Schenker, Mogg) – 4:08

"Doctor Doctor" (Schenker, Mogg) – 4:42 Side two "Mother Mary" (Schenker, Mogg, Way, Andy Parker) – 3:25

"This Kid's" (Schenker, Mogg) – 5:11

"Love to Love" (Schenker, Mogg) – 7:58 Side three "Lights Out" (Schenker, Mogg, Parker, Way) – 5:23

"Rock Bottom" (Schenker, Mogg) – 11:08 Side four "Too Hot to Handle" (Way, Mogg) – 4:26

"I'm a Loser" (Schenker, Mogg) – 4:13

"Let It Roll" (Schenker, Mogg) – 4:48

"Shoot Shoot" (Schenker, Mogg, Way, Parker) – 4:07

LINE UP Phil Mogg VC

Michael Schenker LG

Paul Raymond RG KB

Pete Way BG

Andy Parker DR


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