BAND WOLFEN ALBUM RISE OF THE LYCANS LABEL PURE STEEL RECORDS OUT 2018 (June 22nd) OUR RATING 82/100 WOLFEN, the well-known cult metal band from Germany, is ready to return with a new (the 6th) chapter of of their over 20-years career called RISE OF THE LYCANS, available from June 22nd via PURE STEEL RECORDS. The line-up is finally complete again, after both drummer Holger Bloempott and guitarist Björn Grüne left the band for private reasons; new band members are now former interim drummer Siegfried Grütz and guitarist Andreas Doetsch. After their „Evilution“ tour in 2014-2016 with more than 50 concerts (including an Europe tour with Grave Digger), it got a little more quiet around the band playing only a few gigs. It is way more powerful than it's predecessors, making it an actual Melodic Powermetal album with Thrash influences. This album starts in the best way with REBIRTH OF THE REGULATORS, a well-balanced mix of power and thrash, enhanced by a great vocals performance. GENETIC SLEEPERS is closer to classic metal and further than thrash end it's enriched by rough vocals. Over 6 min duration for FORGOTTEN DREAMS, that begins so epic and powerful, before developing itself in a metal song so classic, where shines, after a mighty break, a very technical solo. XENOPHOBIA starts belligerent with hoarse vocals, while SCIENCE & RELIGION opens in a thoughtful mood, before turning in somethin' classic with some melodic spikes. TIMEKEEPER is another ace, so various and multifaceted, while the title track is a classic HM/power that bites your bones!

SUCCUBUS starts in doom mood and restarts with a direct thrash before developing in a classic teutonic power metal..a great overview of several influences of the band!

The final au revoir is left to NEW WORLD ORDER, an awesome song, maybe our fav, that leaves us a positive note of this platter!

TRACKLISTING 1. Rebirth Of The Regulators 2. Genetic Sleepers 3. Forgotten Dreams 4. Xenophobia 5. Science & Religion 6. Timekeeper 7. Rise Of The Lycans 8. Succubus 9. New World Order DISCOGRAPHY 1. No Sleep 'til Blindfold (1997, Demo) 2. Demo 98 (1998, Demo) 3. Apocalyptic Waltz (1999, Demo) 4. Don't Trust the White (2001) 5. Humanity... Sold Out! (2004) 6. The Truth Behind (2006) 7. Chapter IV (2012) 8. Evilution (2015, CD and Vinyl) 9. Humanity...Sold Out! / Don't Trust The White (2018, 2 CD's, Rerelease)

LINE-UP Andreas von Lipinksi VC Frank J. Noras GT Nicolas Filter BG Andreas Doetsch GT Sigfried Grütz DR Special guests: Chris Boltendahl (Timekeeper) VC

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