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MISDEMEANOR is the 12th studio album by UFO.

After "Making Contact" Tour, band disbanded, with Phil Mogg that in Los Angeles contacted guitarist Atomik Tommy M..

Mogg decided to start with a new line up, involving also Paul Gray, who played bass in the last UFO tour.

Next were recruited Paul Raymond and drummer Robbie France.

France resigned before the recording started and was replaced by former Magnum drummer Jim Simpson.

Paul Raymond quit the band during their US tour in August 1986 and was replaced for the rest of the tour by David Jacobson.


"This Time" (Paul Gray, Phil Mogg) — 4:36"

One Heart" (Gray, Mogg, Tommy McClendon) - 4:09

"Night Run" (Gray, Mogg, McClendon) - 4:32

"The Only Ones" (Gray, Mogg) - 5:16

"Meanstreets" (McClendon, Mogg) - 4:17

Side two

"Name of Love" (McClendon, Mogg) - 4:37

"Blue" (Gray, Mogg) — 5:18

"Dream the Dream" (Paul Raymond, Mogg) - 4:32

"Heaven's Gate" (McClendon, Mogg) - 4:15

"Wreckless" (McClendon, Mogg) — 4:59

Japanese CD edition bonus tracks

"Night Run" (U.S. Remix) - 4:24

"This Time" (U.S. Remix) - 4:39

"Heaven's Gate" (U.S. Remix) - 4:15

LINE UP Phil Mogg VC

Tommy McClendon (Atomik Tommy M) LG

Paul Raymond KB GT

Paul Gray BG

Jim Simpson DR

(Public Pics taken from Fb)


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