BAND DAYLIGHT SILENCE ALBUM THRESHOLD OF TIME LABEL RED CAT RECORDS OUT 2018 (April 27th) OUR RATING 80/100 On April 27th will be out the new album by italian HM band DAYLIGHT SILENCE, available via RED CAT RECORDS. LET'S START FROM THE END: A SMART ALBUM, FRESH, WELL PLAYED, enhanced by well-groomed vocals and solo parts never obvious. The album starts with THE POWER OF SPEECH, a direct and powerful shot, with vocals that reminds us somethin' from JAMES LaBRIE. An HM tune with classic suggestions but with a modern flavour. DREAMING OF FREEDOM begins mighty with a strong bass job, and a whitering riffing, while LIVE AS ONE draws our attention with its modern touch. FALLING TO THE GROUND begins in melodic mood, the whole thing wrapped in an environment a bit sinister, before developing itself in somethin' wider. MAKING UP MY MIND starts powerful but again in modern and SOMEONE I KNOW goes on in the same way. SLEEP starts melodic, a song that keeps a more thoughtful profile before the amazing title track which ends in the best way this well-done job.

TRACKLIST 01 The power of speech 02 Dreaming of freedom 03 Live as one 04 Falling to the ground 05 Making up my mind 06 Someone I Know 07 Sleep 08 Threshold of time LINE UP MR. WOLF DR M.T.DRAKE GT VON BRAUN VC DOCTOR X BG EL DIABLO GT


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