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BAND KANSEIL ALBUM FULÌSCHE LABEL ROCKSHOTS RECORDS OUT 2018 May 25th OUR RATING 80/100 Italian folk metal band KANSEIL are ready with their new album, out on May 25th via Rockshots Records. Alive from 2010, the band are a contemporary version of their land’s rich-story telling tapestry, they are bards with instruments, musical archaeologists, excavating the sounds and stories of their country’s past to create something new and interesting. Inspired by Eluveitie, Skyforger, Arkona, Agalloch and Alcest plus having performed with Korpiklaani, At The Gates, Enslaved, Folkstone, Manegarm, Arkona, and Omnia, KANSEIL will be releasing their second full length "Fulìsche" in 2018 on May 25th for Europe and June 8th for North America. The album follows their 2015 debut "Doin Earde" released on Nemeton Records. TRACKLIST 1. Ah, Canseja! (1:10) 2. La Battaglia del Solstizio (5:10) 3. Ander de le Mate (4:52) 4. Pojat (5:23) 5. Orcolat (8:27) 6. Serravalle (4:05) 7. Vallòrch (4:48) 8. Il Lungo Viaggio (4:56) 9. Densilòc (5:55) Album Length: 44:51

LINE UP Andrea Facchin (Lead Vocals) Federico Grillo (Guitars) Davide Mazzucco (Guitars, Bouzouki) Dimitri De Poli (Bass) Luca Rover (Drums) Luca Zanchettin (Bagpipes, Kantele) Stefano (Herian) Da Re (Whistles,Rauschpfeife) (Thanks Asher Media Relations)


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