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STALINGRAD is the 13th studio full-lenght by ACCEPT, available from April 2012, via Nuclear Blast Records.

TRACKLIST 1."Hung, Drawn and Quartered" 4:35


3."Hellfire" 6:07

4."Flash to Bang Time" 4:06

5."Shadow Soldiers" 5:47


7."Against the World" 3:36

8."Twist of Fate" 5:30

9."The Quick and the Dead" 4:25

10."The Galley" 7:21

Limited Edition and Japanese bonus track

1."Never Forget" 4:52


N1."Princess of the Dawn" 9:21


3."No Shelter"5:59

4."Teutonic Terror" 5:33

5."The Abyss" 6:31

6."Teutonic Terror" (Video) 5:31

7."Pandemic" (Video) 5:59

Total length:44:21

Note The limited boxed set slipcase edition by Nuclear Blast contains a DVD from the Bang Your Head!!! (tracks 1-3) and Masters of Rock festivals (tracks 4 & 5) respectively plus two music videos

LINE UP Mark Tornillo LV

Wolf Hoffmann GT

Herman Frank GT

Peter Baltes BG

Stefan Schwarzmann DR

(Pics album: public from FB; pic Mark Tornillo - Hardrockheavymetal)


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