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SAVAGE AMUSEMENT is the 10th studio full-lenght by SCORPIONS, out in 1988.

It was the last Scorpions' album produced by Dieter Dierks. The album was the follow-up to "Love at First Sting"

Scorpions wanted to experiment different genres, being at the same time more commercial. TRACKLIST All lyrics written by Klaus Meine, except where noted; all music composed by Rudolf Schenker, except where noted. 1."Don't Stop at the Top" (lyrics: Meine, Herman Rarebell) 4:03

2."Rhythm of Love"3:47

3."Passion Rules the Game" (music: Rarebell) 3:58

4."Media Overkill"3:32

5."Walking on the Edge" 5:05

6."We Let It Rock... You Let It Roll" 3:38

7."Every Minute Every Day"4:21

8."Love on the Run" (lyrics: Meine, Rarebell) 3:35

9."Believe in Love"5:20

LINE UP Scorpions

Klaus Meine LV

Matthias Jabs LG BV

Rudolf Schenker RG BV

Francis Buchholz BG BV

Herman Rarebell DR

Additional musicians

Lee Aaron - backing vocals on "Rhythm of Love"

Peter Baltes - intro vocals on "Every Minute Every Day"

(Public Pics taken from Fb)


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