💿 Hi, it’s a pleasure for us to have on Hardrockheavymetal KYLE McNEILL of SEVEN SISTERS! Welcome!!

It’s our pleasure, thanks for having us!

💿 Your new album “THE CAULDRON AND THE CROSS” is ready (available from April 13th). Can you tell us somethin’ about its composition? Are you satisfied about this platter?

We’re very satisfied with it, yeah! We think it’s a huge step forward from the first album in terms of the songwriting, the production and the individual performances on it. It’s a concept album chronicling the rise and fall on King Arthur’s Britain, and contains nine brand new Heavy Metal fist pumpers. It’s probably our most progressive work to date, but the songs all have catchy choruses and it definitely still sounds like a Seven Sisters album. We hope the fans like it as much as we do!

💿 Also “THE CAULDRON AND THE CROSS” will be available on vinyl, the real “news” in music industry. What’s your feeling about this classic format and the current music “business”?

We’re all huge fans of vinyl as a format. There’s just something about having the large artwork, looking at the photos and being able to read the lyrics as you listen to a new record for the first time that you just don’t get with other formats. CDs and digital releases are perfectly fine, but vinyl is definitely our preferred format and we’re really happy that our album will once again be getting a vinyl release.

💿 The new album will be out via DISSONANCE PRODUCTIONS. Can you tell us somethin’about your relationships with them?

We were first contacted by Steve from Dissonance after he saw as playing at The Unicorn in London. We had a meeting with him a few weeks later, and were really impressed with his vision. He was interested in signing a bunch of British bands that played traditional Heavy Metal, so as well as being on the same roster as legendary bands like Grim Reaper, we’d also get to work with our friends in bands like Eliminator, Toledo Steel, Neuronspoiler and Primitai.

Dissonance seemed like the logical choice to help take Seven Sisters to the next level.

💿 Two years after your first self-titled album, you’re satisfied about your first job?

Yeah we’re still really proud of the songs on the first album. I think if anything lets it down it’s probably the production, but we recorded the whole thing ourselves using our own equipment so that’s to be expected. We probably made the whole album for about £200, most of which was taxi fares! Recording The Cauldron and the Cross was the first time we got to record in a proper studio with a professional producer (Jim Knight at Knight Time Studios), so it obviously sounds significantly better than the first album. The production is probably the aspect that has improved the most from the first album to the second one. We’re delighted with the way this album sounds.

💿 Can you tell us somethin’about your next live projects?

On the day the album is released, we’ll be playing a launch show at The Black Heart in London and performing the whole album in full, which we’re really excited about. We’re currently booking shows all over the UK and Ireland, as well as a few in Europe, for later in the year after people have had a chance to check out the new record. Hopefully we’ll be able to reach new people and play in some places that we haven’t been to before.

💿 We love the cover of TCATC..Who made it?

The album cover was designed by a guy called Simon “Pye” Parr. He’s worked for 2000AD Comics in the past, so he really knows what he’s doing. We couldn’t be more happy with the way the album cover turned out, it’s absolutely stunning and really captures the vibe of the album perfectly!

💿 Lastly, what’s your opinion about new hard’n’heavy bands? Is there hope for a new golden era?

Yeah, it’s definitely an exciting time for Traditional Heavy Metal, especially here in the UK. Hopefully with labels like Dissonance showing serious interest in this kind of music, these bands can reach a wider audience which can only be good for the scene, and maybe encourage other bands to give it a go themselves.

💿 Thank you so much for your time! See you soon on Hardrockheavymetal!

No problem at all, thanks again for having us!

(Pics taken from band's FB profile)


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