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UFO - "LIGHTS OUT" times..

LIGHTS OUT is the 6th studio album by the UFO, out in 1977 .

It contains all original tracks except one song, "Alone Again Or", cover of a song by the band Love. This album was the first by UFO to feature string arrangements and complex structures.

The most relevant song to feature the orchestral flavour was "Love to Love". In 1994, a CD comprising this album and No Heavy Petting was released by BGO Records.

2008 EMI's remastered edition includes 4 live bonus tracks, recorded in London in 1977.



1."Too Hot to Handle" Pete Way, Phil Mogg 3:37

2."Just Another Suicide" Mogg 4:58

3."Try Me"Michael Schenker, Mogg 4:49

4."Lights Out"Schenker, Andy Parker, Mogg, Way 4:33


5."Gettin' Ready"Schenker, Mogg 3:46

6."Alone Again Or" (Love cover) Bryan MacLean 3:00

7."Electric Phase"Way, Mogg, Schenker 4:20

8."Love to Love"Schenker, Mogg 7:38

2008 CD reissue bonus tracks

9."Lights Out" 5:14

10."Gettin' Ready"4:03

11."Love to Love" 7:15

12."Try Me"4:03


Phil Mogg VC

Michael Schenker LG

Paul Raymond -RG KB

Pete Way BG

Andy Parker DR


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