BAND AIRBORN ALBUM LIZARD SECRETS LABEL FIGHTER RECORDS/SPIRITUAL BEAST (ASIA) OUT 2018 (Asia March 21st/Rest May 15th) OUR RATING 84/100 AIRBORN, the well-known HM band that comes from TURIN, North ITALY, are out with a brand new album called "LIZARD SECRETS", available on Asian markets for a few days (out in May in the rest of the world). We're talkin' about a band with a lot of experience, able to sound fresh also after 25 years of career. This platter is a well-balanced mix of power metal, drops of classic HM, the whole thing with a modern flavour that makes it contemporary. Vocals parts are suitable but don't overdo it, guitars solos are absolutely stunning and raise the bar of every song. AIRBORN are able to be heavier, if needed, in songs as WOLF CHILD, the amazing single, or HERE COMES THE CLAW, are able to be more catchy in songs as LAND OF THE LIVING. There are anthems to get the hearts beating, as METAL HATERS, extremely actual, for all defenders (HE'S A POSER, HE'S NOT TRUE..), or songs more various as DEFENDERS OF PLANET EARTH. LASTLY: AIRBORN are back with style an personality..Nothin'else to add!! LINE UP Alessio Perardi VC GT Roberto Capucchio GT Domenico Buratti BG Roberto Gaia DR

(Thanks Fighter Records)


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