BAND National Napalm Syndicate ALBUM TIME IS THE FIRE LABEL Iron Shield Records OUT 2018 (MAY 18TH) OUR RATING 75/100 The band was formed 1986 in Pudasjärvi, Finland and the first self-titled album was out via EMI in 1989. The band is known as a pioneer in Finnish Metal and as well balanced mix of thrash metal, traditionalHM and pure Finnish insanity. After some breaks and line up changing, the band is ready with a new platter called “Time is the Fire”, available from May 18th via IRON SHIELD RECORDS. New album includes 16 tracks of pure metal and it's enhanced from two songs sung in Finnish language called 'Kuolema' (Death) and 'Ken tästä käy saa kaiken toivon heittää' (Who passes shall lose his hope) and a cover of "Blood & Iron" of Overkill. Surely interesting!

TRACKLIST 1. Pig Moon Rising (Intro) 2. Obey The System 3. In The Dead Of The Night 4. Kuolema 5. Bringer Of Päin 6. Knife Against My Throat 7. Drowning 8. Fallen Gardens 9. Original Sin 10. Ken Tästä Käy 11. Animal Is Out Of Control 12. Unholy Madness 13. Welcome To Tomorrow 14. Faces 15. The Worm Moon (Outro) 16. Blood And Iron (Bonustrack)

LINE-UP Ilkka 'Ile' Järvenpää VC Harri Lampinen GT Niko Karppinen BG Jukka Kyrö GT Ville Hanhisuanto DR (Thanks Pure Steel Promotion)

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