AC/DC - FLYIN'ON THE WALL in mid 80's..

FLY ON THE WALL is the 10th studio full-lenght by AC/DC, out on 28 June 1985 by Albert Productions and via Atlantic Records. All songs were written by Angus Young (guitar), Malcolm Young (guitar), and Brian Johnson (vocals). The sessions for this album started in Montreux, Switzerland at Mountain Studios in late October 1984.

Released on 28 June 1985, it was the first album without Phil Rudd, replaced by Simon Wright (although sawn in music clips supporting Flick of the Switch). It was the second and last album to be produced by band members. A VHS of AC/DC performing five songs from the album was released in the summer of 1985. Also titled Fly on the Wall, it features the band playing "Fly on the Wall", "Danger", "Sink the Pink", "Stand Up", and "Shake Your Foundations" at a small bar in New York City named The Crystal Ballroom. TRACKLIST 1."Fly on the Wall" 3:44 2."Shake Your Foundations" 4:10 3."First Blood" 3:46 4."Danger" 4:22 5."Sink the Pink" 4:15 6."Playing with Girls" 3:44 7."Stand Up"3:53 8."Hell or High Water" 4:32 9."Back in Business" 4:24 10."Send for the Man" 3:36

(Public Pics taken from Fb)


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