BAND WILL'O'WISP ALBUM MOT OUT 2018 (March 2nd) OUR RATING 76/100 LABEL NADIR MUSIC Among the founders of the #progressive #deathmetal italian scene., Will’O’Wisp starts playin' since 1992. In a span of time of 6 years the band gained good popularity in the European underground scene with a demo and 2 records. The band reformed in 2007 with the original founder Paolo Puppo gathering a bunch of high skilled musicians (ex Sadist drummer Oinos and talented bass Player J.Rossi, also in Dark Lunacy and Antropofagus, and Deimos from Revenant). The new line up recorded Kosmo in 2012 and Inusto in 2015, both works received great appreciations from fans. Now it's time for new album MOT, Progressive Death metal at its best, enhanced by instruments as brass sections, strings and violin, harp and flute. It's surely violent and extreme but in the meantime atmospheric and dark with various vocals spanning from black to death to brutal involving in a couple of tracks also a soprano voice! (Thanks Nadir Promotion)

#progressive #deathmetal #nadirpromotion

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