FIGHTING is the 5th studio album by Thin Lizzy released in 1975.

With this album the band forged a trademark twin guitars sound, thanks to Scott Gorham and Brian Robertson.

The track "Suicide" was originally played by Thin Lizzy with Eric Bell, including on a BBC broadcast recorded in July 1973.

It was first performed with different lyrics and with title "Baby's Been Messing".


Side one

1."Rosalie" (Bob Seger cover) Bob Seger 3:11

2."For Those Who Love to Live" Brian Downey, Phil Lynott 3:08

3."Suicide" Lynott 5:12

4."Wild One"Lynott 4:18

5."Fighting My Way Back" Lynott 3:12

Side two

6."King's Vengeance" Scott Gorham, Lynott 4:08

7."Spirit Slips Away" Lynott 4:35

8."Silver Dollar" Brian Robertson 3:26

9."Freedom Song"Gorham, Lynott 3:32

10."Ballad of a Hard Man" Gorham 3:14


Phil Lynott – bass guitar, vocals, acoustic guitar on "Wild One"

Scott Gorham – guitar

Brian Robertson – guitar, backing vocals, piano on "Song for Jesse"

Brian Downey – drums, percussion

Additional musicians

Roger Chapman – backing vocals on "Rosalie"Ian McLagan (from The Faces) – piano on "Rosalie" and "Silver Dollar"

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