Fused is the 2nd solo album by Tony Iommi, published in 2005. This album features as vocalist/bassist Glenn Hughes (who was vocalist for Black Sabbath on the album Seventh Star, originally intended to be Iommi's first solo album) and Kenny Aronoff as drummer. This platter was recorded in Wales, in December 2004, and was produced by Bob Marlette (who also played here keyboards and bass) and Iommi.

TRACKLIST "Dopamine" – 4:10

"Wasted Again" – 3:56

"Saviour of the Real" – 4:07

"Resolution Song" – 4:56

"Grace" – 5:13

"Deep Inside a Shell" – 3:42

"What You're Living For" – 4:37

"Face Your Fear" – 4:36

"The Spell" – 4:57

"I Go Insane" – 9:13

Bonus tracks

"Let It Down Easy" (Japan bonus track) – 4:34

"The Innocence" (iTunes bonus track) – 4:40

"Slip Away" ( bonus track) – 5:23

LINE UP Tony Iommi – GT

Glenn Hughes – VC BG

Kenny Aronoff – DR

Bob Marlette – KB BG (Public Pics taken from Fb)

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