UNBREAKABLE is the 15th studio album by Scorpions, released in 2004.

After "Moment of Glory" recorded with Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and of the unplugged album "Acoustica", Scorpions returned in studio with producer Dieter Dierks to record two songs for the greatest hits "Bad for Good: The Very Best of Scorpions".

Next Scorpions started to work on a new album while touring.

After ending the North American tour with Whitesnake in March 2003, band members started to record first demos.

They made 16 songs and none of them made the album.

A second session started in June 2003.

In the late July and early August, Scorpions were involved on a three-week tour where Kottak spent his time writing and playing guitar.

Once sessions concluded, Scorpions sent their demos to producers they wished to work with.

They finally chose to work with Erwin Musper and booked the studio for 15 October 2003.

Since there were no bass player during the demo sessions, all bass lines had been played by Jabs.

Next the band chose Pawel Maciwoda.

He learned the bass parts from the demos and was in the studio on the first day of recording. After three days, he had recorded a total of 11 songs.

After those recording sessions were finished, band members did another recording session with Barry Sparks on bass, recording 5 songs.

Despite a total of 16 recorded songs, the band still felt they were missing some songs to finish the album.

After others 4 songs were recorded, the band had right songs to make an album.

Apart from those 12 songs, the album has one bonus song titled "Remember the Good Times", taken from one of the demo sessions.

Four songs from the Unbreakable sessions were recorded for the album Sting in the Tail of 2010. Those songs are "Slave Me", "No Limit", "Turn You On" and "The Best Is Yet to Come".


1."New Generation" Klaus, Meine, Rudolf Schenker 5:51

2."Love 'em or Leave 'em" James Kottak, Meine,Schenker 4:04

3."Deep and Dark" Meine, Matthias Jabs 3:39

4."Borderline" Meine, Schenker 4:53

5."Blood Too Hot" Meine, Schenker 4:16

6."Maybe I Maybe You" Meine, Anoushiravan Rohani 3:32

7."Someday Is Now" Kottak Schenker 3:25

8."My City My Town" Meine 4:55

9."Through My Eyes" Meine Schenker 5:23

10."Can You Feel It" Kottak, Meine,Kottak 3:49

11."This Time"Jabs 3:36

12."She Said" Meine, Christian Kolonovits 4:42

13."Remember the Good Times (Retro Garage Mix)" (bonus track) Meine, Eric Bazilian, Schenker 4:24


Klaus Meine – lead vocals

Matthias Jabs - lead guitar, backing vocals

Rudolf Schenker - rhythm guitar, backing vocals

Paweł Mąciwoda - bass, backing vocals

James Kottak - drums, backing vocals

Additional musicians

Koen van Baal - keyboards, arrangements on track 6

Barry Sparks - bass guitar on tracks 2 and 4

Ingo Powitzer - bass guitar on track 13

Ralph de Jongh, Joss Mennen, Alex Jansen - backing vocals on tracks 1 and 4

Jody's Kids Choir - additional vocals on track 1

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