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BAND GATEKEEPER ALBUM East of Sun LABEL Cruz Del Sur Music OUT 2018 (APRIL 27TH)


Originally formed in 2009 as a solo project by guitarist Geoff Blackwell, GATEKEEPER has assembled an impressive array of EPs and splits, including an appearance on Metal Blade's "Metal Massacre XIV" where they contributed with the song "Bell Of Tarantia". Recorded in Vancouver, Canada, East Of Sun was produced by Mike Rogerson, well-known for his previous job with ANNIHILATOR, AGGRESSION, 88 MILE TRIP and LOVERBOY. The "East Of Sun" title is a shortened version of a book of Scandinavian folk tales that parallels the content on the record where each song stands on its own.

EAST OF THE SUN starts thunderous, epic,classic and fast at the same time, surely inspired by the best OMEN.

NORTH WOLVES is based on more lilting rhythms, so epic and enhanced by high-flown vocals; an evocative tune, son of first MANOWAR, so various and structured.

WARRIOR WITHOUT FEAR starts again POWERFUL and INSPIRED , with robust rhythms, all in a very classic environment.

NINEFOLD MUSE begins in melodic mood and in'waitin', before developing itself in somethin' lilting and powerful; to reminds solo parts and pretty neat vocals, throughout all album.

BELL OF TARANTIA is another fine tune, while EAST OF SUN is another classic track enhanced by a melodic intro.

SWAN ROAD SAGA is really epic, really classic, really inspired..we can't find fillers in this album!

ONCOMING ICE maybe is the only song a step below, but the cover of DEATH RIDER (OMEN) and HALL OF THE MOUNTAIN KING (SAVATAGE) end in the best possibile way this platter!


Another great traditional HM band, for whom we suggest the purchased of this album!

LINE UP Jean-Pierre Abboud VC Jeffrey Black GT BV Kenny Kroecher GT David Messier BG BV Tommy Tro DR

(Thanks ClawHammer PR)

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