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Slide It In is the 6th studio full lenght by Whitesnake, released in 1984. It was the first album out through Geffen Records in the US, but was remixed for the release there. Two different editions of this album are available. In 1988 the album re-entered the US charts due to the success of the self-titled Whitesnake album (1987), and is certified double platinum. Recordings of Slide It In began in 1983 in Munich, Germany with Eddie Kramer . Moody completed the recording of the whole album with new producer Martin Birch, who had replaced Kramer. Moody finally decided to leave Whitesnake when Coverdale embarrassed him in front of Thin Lizzy guitarist John Sykes, who were touring alongside Whitesnake. The last gig for Moody was in Brussels in Belgium in October '83. John Sykes was announced as the new band's guitarist. At the same time it was also Colin Hodgkinson had been fired, as Coverdale felt that his style is not ok for "new wave" of Whitesnake. Neil Murray was asked to rejoin Whitesnake. When the UK release of Slide It In came out, it was a chart success but it was soon time to change, as Whitesnake's US label, Geffen Records, insisted the album be remixed. With the help of Keith Olsen, Slide It In had its sound changed, having at the time a more modern sound, with John Sykes and Neil Murray replacing Moody and Hodgkinson. Whitesnake engaged in a European tour with the Coverdale/Sykes/Galley/Murray/Lord/Powell line-up, but the band had a trouble when Mel Galley got injured in an accident which damaged some nerves in his arm. He continued as a Whitesnake guitarist for a time, before was fired not long after. The five-piece continued touring until April 1984, until Jon Lord played his last Whitesnake concert on April 16th on the "Måndagsbörsen" Swedish TV show, before rejoin ingresso DEEP PURPLE. Whitesnake became a four-piece, not counting the off-stage keyboard player Richard Bailey. The US edition of Slide It slowly had success and the four-piece line-up started touring the US with Quiet Riot and DIO. The European edition of the album contains the original mix. This mix features a stronger presence of keyboards by Jon Lord and bass. The track order is also different from the US mix. The US mix lowers the keyboards and bass in the mix, and is more guitars and drums driven.

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