PAUL GILBERT left MR.BIG in 1999 and reformed Racer X.

Richie Kotzen, well known as Shrapnel artist and guitarist for Poison, was chosen as new member.

Two studio albums were published by this lineup: Get Over It in 1999, and Actual Size in 2001.

Get Over It was released on September 1999 in Japan, and yielded the single "Superfantastic". Mr. Big performed 20 gigs in Japan, followed by a New Year's Eve 1999 show with Aerosmith in Osaka.

Get Over It was released in the US only in March 2000. Several music clips for songs on "Get Over It" were recorded (for Electrified and Superfantastic), however the director claimed rights to the music videos and they were never released. In 2001, the band released Actual Size in Asia.

The CD sat on the charts in the number three spot and the first single "Shine" went to number one.

The song was also used as the ending theme for the anime series Hellsing. However, tension begun between Sheehan and other members when Sheehan began touring with Steve Vai.

Martin, Kotzen and Torpey decided to write songs without Sheehan, who was only given credit for two songs on "Actual Size".

This was when Martin and the others decided to firing Sheehan.

Without Sheehan and Gilbert, Mr. Big's fan base shrank dramatically, forcing Martin and the others to ask Sheehan if he would like to rejoin the band.

Although Sheehan was upset that the other members had attempted to "fire" him from the band he created, he agreed to rejoin them for a farewell tour. Mr. Big disbanded in 2002 after a farewell tour.

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