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CREATURES OF THE NIGHT is the 10th studio full-lenght by KISS, released in 1982, the last out through Casablanca Records,.

It's also the last album recorded with Ace Frehley credited as an official member (until 1998's Psycho Circus), and its first with Vinnie Vincent as the initially uncredited lead guitarist (Vincent would later be credited but not featured on the cover of the 1985 reissue of the album) and last album to feature the band with their trademark make-up until Psycho Circus.

The album represented an effort by Kiss to return to the hard rock style that had helped them achieve commercial success.

In 1985, Kiss re-released the album in their non-make-up state with a cover featuring Gene Simmons, Stanley, Eric Carr and Bruce Kulick (even though Kulick did not play on the album).

Creatures of the Night is the first Kiss album to have all lead vocal duties handled by either Simmons or Stanley exclusively.

All previous studio releases by the group contained at least one song with lead vocals by another band member.

The band released a clip for "I Love It Loud", which received airplay on MTV.

Three different covers of the album exist: the 1982 original issue, the 1985 reissue (featuring Bruce Kulick, who was not a member of the band for Creatures of the Night, and the rest of the band without make-up), and the 1997 remastered version (same photo as the original, but with minor variations).

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