BAND Greystone Canyon ALBUM While The Wheels Still Turn LABEL Rockshots Records OUT 2018 (March 9th) OUR RATING 80/100 From Australia, country which gave us Hard Rock Masters as AC/DC, ROSE TATTOO or AIRBOURNE, come GREYSTONE CANYON, with a moniker inspired by the freedom of wide open landscapes. “It was inspired by our love for the old western films and the images these films conjure. The vast plains, endless horizons, the freedom, and heck, GREYSTONE CANYON is one hell of a cool name for rock/ metal band!” says vocalist/guitarist Darren Cherry. GREYSTONE CANYON will release their debut album “While The Wheels Still Turn” on March 9, 2018, in Europe, U.S.A and Canada through Rockshots Records and on Hellfire Records in Australia on March 12, 2018.

Inspired by classic HR legends,  “While The Wheels Still Turn” is an album that could not only sit well beside the works of those; they're able to be so various and with a view to the futire.

With a duration of 33 min, we can find six songs and three interludes; this album won't disappoint you!


1. Keeping Company With The Dead (0:45) 2. Astral Plane (4:13) 3. In These Shoes (4:54) 4. Cinco Cuerda Bandito (1:36) 5. Take Us All (5:11) 6. Sombrero Serenade (1:25) 7. River of Fire (4:35) 8. Path We Stray (4:41) 9. The Sun Sets (6:17) Album Length: 33:41 LINE UP

Darren Cherry VC GT Richard Vella GT Dave Poulter BG Luke Wilson DR



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